Interactive Management And Key Executive Team Training

We offer a variety of interactive training programs to HR teams, managers, supervisors, and other key executives on crucial workplace compliance areas, in order to train them on being more aware and knowledgeable on how to handle and address employee issues, while also mitigating risk. Our dynamic new trainings include interactive and collaborative peer-to-peer breakout rooms, with trained Broadway actors performing vignettes of real-life workplace scenarios, and offer other fun ways of approaching these tough, but necessary, topics to protect businesses.

All of the below live training programs can be Zoom-based or in-person.

Winning Documentation Strategies for Managers, Supervisors and Other Leadership
This tactical and engaging workshop gives your leadership team the best tools to regularly chronicle employee performance and manage disciplinary issues. These areas are crucial to enhance productivity and better protect against liability.

Clearly communicating expectations to employees and documenting an employee’s failure to perform should be considered one of management’s top functions. Effective communication helps to avoid situations where employees are surprised by a termination – which is often the impetus for them filing lawsuits. Creating a paper trail can provide an employer with invaluable evidence to support a defense against such claims. Additionally, it may help to improve an employee’s performance, creating a “win-win” for employers who can move forward with a higher-performing employee, and save on resources they would otherwise spend to replace a position and defend a possible lawsuit.

Detailed instructions on the “when, where and how” of managing and documenting employee performance, as well as specific hands-on exercises on how to write up employees for disciplinary problems are all part of a 2-part (4-hour total) learning experience that actively teaches leaders these skills, as opposed to them passively fulfilling a training requirement.

Proper Handling of Employee Termination
Now more than ever, employers need to understand the laws regulating firings and layoffs and how to prevent wrongful termination lawsuits. Managers should not fire employees without proper reasons and documentation, regardless of the perceived legalities of such actions. In this timely program, the legal risks facing employers when terminating employees will be outlined, and practical steps will be offered on how to mitigate or avoid these risks..

Safe and Successful Hiring Practices
As most employers have learned, making good hiring decisions is the best way to avoid terminations and employment problems in the long run. What employers may not know is that there are now many legal issues involved in the pre-hire screening and background check process. This program provides a clear understanding of how to avoid risk in the process of selecting, screening and hiring new employees.

Supervisor Training on Avoiding Harassment in the Workplace
In this moment of heightened harassment assertions in corporations and government hitting the news, it is important for companies to educate their managers on how to help prevent harassment claims to avoid being the next headline. In defending these claims, we have found managers often do not fully understand the importance of these issues, don’t know how to identify them, or are simply ill‐equipped to deal with them. There is also the possibility that managers can be held personally liable, alongside the company. Companies need to do everything they can to mitigate the risks of potential claims. In response, we can facilitate a customized, interactive harassment prevention training designed to stick in the minds of your managers and mitigate litigation risk.

Supervisor Training on Reasonable Accommodation & Discrimination in the Workplace
Oftentimes, managers do not fully understand the requirements for all protected classes under federal, state, and local anti-discrimination laws, and how each should be accommodated, unless there is an undue hardship to the company. Yet, it is a manager’s role to implement and enforce its company’s anti-discrimination and accommodation policies. If employee requests are not formally addressed properly, an employee may feel they may be discriminated against by the manager and company, which could potentially turn into them filing an employment lawsuit. Our interactive training educates managers about the types of protected classes, expected accommodations, their roles including how to respond to employee requests, and when to include HR.

Manager Communication with Human Resources
This program is designed to stick in the minds of managers to mitigate litigation risk. Many costly and human resources issues are caused by a company’s managers not understanding how to communicate with the human resources department. Managers are sometimes part of the problem. They are also sometimes not a part of the solution. Likewise, human resources often fails to communicate properly with managers as to what is expected of them on a regular basis. While managers are often very skilled in the business/production part they are managing, the majority are not trained with how to properly communicate with employees and HR on human resources issues. They also often fail to understand their complicated and specific role in dealing with diverse employee issues such as discrimination, leave, reasonable accommodation and discriminatory harassment. Unfortunately, if not properly addressed, these and other related issues can lead to costly employment lawsuits.

Customized Interactive Training Programs
Elements from each of the above listed trainings, as well as other employment law topics, can be used to create a customized and interactive program based on a company’s particular needs. Before a training is designed, we will have an initial and deep discussion about issues and requirements which will help define the curriculum.

HR Legal Workshops

Greenwald Doherty offers communal workshops, the subjects of which will be selected and scheduled in advance and are designed to strengthen your HR team’s day-to-day activities. These sessions are delivered throughout the year and are likened to professional development for HR . The workshops are available to all clients and come complimentary through our In-House Counsel Subscription™.