What We Do

At Greenwald Doherty, we see ourselves as an extension of the companies we protect. We care deeply and primarily about helping our clients prevent and navigate workplace legal issues. 

Most companies turn to outside employment counsel reactively - when they are already in crisis or litigation mode. While we’re happy to support clients when they need us, at Greenwald Doherty, we believe that preventative education and real-time counseling are the most effective ways for companies to avoid workplace crises and reputation-killers like litigation. For that reason, we work with clients in ways that encourage them to use us proactively. Our learning and development programs equip HR and management teams with knowledge and resources to stay ahead of legal problems and address workplace challenges before they escalate.

In addition to hourly and fixed fee legal counsel, our subscription service redefines legal support with a focus on proactive, preventive strategies without the fear of unexpected costs. Clients have direct access to senior lawyers, tailored document preparation, and real-time compliance updates, all for a predictable monthly fee.

When employment disputes cannot be avoided, our experienced litigation team represents businesses before federal and state courts and government agencies. We work strategically towards the best possible outcome, with an eye to your business needs.

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Picture for Human Resources Legal Advice and Counsel – Helping You Get it Right
Human Resources Legal Advice and Counsel – Helping You Get it Right

Timely and practical advice on day-to-day “people issues”.

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Picture for Litigation – Employer Advocacy
Litigation – Employer Advocacy

Greenwald Doherty provides employers with powerful representation in all labor and employment-related legal disputes.

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Picture for Employment Agreements
Employment Agreements

Ensuring your employees are clear about their obligations and your expectations starts relationships out on the right foot.

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Picture for Trainings

We offer a variety of interactive training programs to HR teams, managers, supervisors, and other key executives on crucial workplace compliance areas, in order to train them on being more aware and knowledgeable on how to handle and address employee issues, while also mitigating risk.

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Picture for In-House Counsel Subscription™
In-House Counsel Subscription™

Employment laws are complicated, with a web of local, state, and federal statutes that cover every facet of the employee/employer relationship.

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