What We Do

At Greenwald Doherty, we are counselors in the truest sense of the word. We specialize in providing individualized client-­focused counsel for employers’ human resources-related legal needs. Our boutique labor and employment law practice provides management with comprehensive and unparalleled service. Fueled by our depth of knowledge, experience, and fervent dedication to our clients, our action-­oriented approach to employment law makes us a forceful protector of employers’ rights.

From employment compliance consulting to litigation representation to human resources professional development, Greenwald Doherty provides an extensive range of legal services designed to keep employers safe and secure. Our expansive roster of offerings and customized approaches to our clients’ employment-related legal needs enable us to partner with your company in the way that best suits your business.

Lawyers traditionally bill by the hour, causing clients to clock-watch and hesitate to obtain vital guidance needed. Greenwald Doherty’s competitive hourly rates for litigation and other more complex services are designed to fit within our clients’ budgets. We also feature a variety of pricing options which allow employers to utilize our services without fear of escalating costs. By providing certain compliance and guidance services through monthly, quarterly, and yearly retainer programs, as well as flat­-fee projects, we ensure that your company receives a tailored, comprehensive package of services that addresses all of your legal needs with complete budgetary assurance.

We offer clients top-tier talent, agility and personalized attention. Federal law, state law, city law: we address it all. We are fiercely focused on the betterment and long-term health of your business through preventative counseling and values alignment. Our seasoned litigators are commanding, highly effective and nuanced thinkers. Altogether, we advocate, protect, and partner; we are management’s in-house labor and employment law firm.

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Picture for Human Resources Legal Advice and Counsel – Helping You Get it Right
Human Resources Legal Advice and Counsel – Helping You Get it Right

Timely and practical advice on day-to-day “people issues”.

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Picture for Litigation – Employer Advocacy
Litigation – Employer Advocacy

Greenwald Doherty provides employers with powerful representation in all labor and employment-related legal disputes.

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Picture for Employment Agreements
Employment Agreements

Ensuring your employees are clear about their obligations and your expectations starts relationships out on the right foot.

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Picture for Trainings

We offer a variety of interactive training programs to HR teams, managers, supervisors, and other key executives on crucial workplace compliance areas, in order to train them on being more aware and knowledgeable on how to handle and address employee issues, while also mitigating risk.

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Picture for In-House Counsel Subscription™
In-House Counsel Subscription™

Employment laws are complicated, with a web of local, state, and federal statutes that cover every facet of the employee/employer relationship.

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