In-House Counsel Subscription™ Service

An Innovative Flat Fee Solution to Your Employment Law Challenges

Don’t Let Employment Issues Derail Your Business

Employment laws are complicated, with a web of local, state, and federal statutes that cover every facet of the employee/employer relationship. To successfully navigate in this ever-changing environment, employers need a few key things from their outside counsel, at a predictable cost you can budget for:

  • Experienced employment lawyers who think like business partners
  • HR professionals and other senior leaders, supervisors, and managers who are trained to handle complex workplace situations
  • Carefully crafted employment policies and documents that protect and guide your company
  • Regular updates on the never-ending stream of changes to employment laws

We believe that every company deserves dedicated employment counsel. That’s why we created our distinctive In-House Counsel Subscription Service. We act as an extension of the company for IHC subscribers, serving as your fractional in-house employment attorney for a flat monthly fee.

Let Us Provide You with Bundled Compliance Services for a Flat Monthly Fee

Your HR staff faces a variety of issues on a daily basis, some of which may significantly impact your business. Since guessing is not an option, we have an easy solution to help your company. We provide answers to your calls and emails on pressing employment law issues, off the clock, without additional hourly billing. No question is too small. We are available and able to help you when you need it most.

Hiring process review and document drafting
We review, revise, and draft hiring documents to ensure they contain legally appropriate content. We review the restrictive covenants (i.e. non-compete agreements) from an applicant’s prior employer and provide advice on any risks of the new hires.

Design of performance evaluation forms
Proper employee performance management is a key component of a company’s risk prevention efforts. We help you thoughtfully design your discipline and performance evaluation forms to reflect your company’s goals and values and mitigate risk.

Termination documentation and procedures
We review, revise and draft discipline/termination documents and practices, and suggest improvements to reduce the risk of lawsuits relating to these actions.

We draft an employee handbook that includes all key and recommended policies plus any additional policies the company would like to include.

Monthly legal updates
We notify you of a selection of upcoming changes to employment law legislation along with a briefing to discuss how the changes may impact your policies and practices.

Now, We’ve Made the IHC Subscription Service Even Better – Introducing SignaTrain®

HR professionals and other senior leaders, supervisors, and managers sometimes find themselves in unexpected workplace situations. If they don’t know how to behave or what to say, things can easily spiral out of control in a way that might lead to litigation or reputational damage. This is particularly true for managers, who are often on the front lines having to make quick decisions about potentially difficult employment situations.

But the long-winded training courses most companies offer feel burdensome, and boring. And if your team isn’t engaged, they’re not truly learning. That’s why we created SignaTrain, a platform that offers a different approach to training: live online sessions that can give your team the tools to help your business avoid unnecessary legal entanglements, combined with fun, entertaining, micro-training videos and supplemental training materials housed on the soon-to-debut SignaTrain® Knowledge Hub.

And it’s all easily accessible online. SignaTrain® puts prevention at your fingertips, with:

  • Live, online professional development seminars with two tracks: one for HR Professionals and other Senior Leadership, and the second for Supervisors and Managers
  • Subscriber-only access to interactive workshops and webinars 
  • Early access to legal updates
  • 2-4 minute video vignettes featuring Broadway actors improvising workplace scenarios
  • Easy-to-digest best practice checklists and documents

The set curriculum of live, interactive online trainings throughout the year are taught in a cohort-based approach. The facilitated curriculum allows your team to learn among peers.

We’ve now added SignaTrain’s® training system to the IHC subscription service, creating a service that gives you an unbeatable trio of regular legal consultation, finely-crafted documents, and a well-trained team–all for one predictable price.

For more details and pricing, please contact your Greenwald Doherty attorney, or email

Please visit our FAQ page to find out more on whether this program may be a good fit for your business’ employment law needs.

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